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fiducia Pilot

Il nostro unico ufficiale indipendente Swanson recensioni partner is TrustPilot.

Puoi leggere tutto verificato Swanson recensioni on TrustPilot since our engagement of their independent service here:

We utilise TrustPilot’s paid subscription service for your reassurances that we take recensioni e risposta seriously in actively encouraging all the many positive stories and responding to them to say thank you, or to research any issues you may have been sufficiently unhappy with to feel the need to resort to public negative recensioni, so we can make things better every day.

Condividi la gioia

Some customers are just great people, and wish to share their time and knowledge with other potential customers – and some try to get more of our attention than every other customer that received good attention and is happy enough to leave a good revisione – we’ll work with everyone that has good intentions – because none of us are perfect and it’s just the right thing to do when we strongly believe in good manners and being good customers ourselves too.

C'è un effetto molto reale dall'alto valore del ranking di ricerca per differenze misurabili nei tassi di click-through dei risultati di ricerca da quelle magiche 5 stelle nei risultati di ricerca al giorno d'oggi - che è un sistema progettato tanto per i profitti dei fornitori di sistema quanto lo è il tuo servizio nel cercare altro Swanson cliente recensioni – hence we have been compelled to write our own public right-of-reply and explanation here to help you in forming your own experiences and decisions.

Abbonamento alla piattaforma di recensioni

The reason we pay TrustPilot a subscription for their platform is to help with their cost-coverage in providing an email reminder service, and verification integration system for genuine customer order recensioni – and so that we do have one official independent revisione platform we can support in their own pursuit of unbiased integrity.

We are happy enough with TrustPilot’s own ethical service, and the work they put into preserving that independent trust in their revisione platform’s integrity, they we feel that paying gives us the best possible chance of a fair representation on a platform we have assessed, as developers ourselves, and can endorse so that you can trust as our chosen single-source of truth for customer risposta ratings.


Tuttavia, desideriamo essere trasparenti nello spiegare il nostro pagamento per questo servizio, poiché li vediamo come la migliore delle opzioni commerciali disponibili - e non abbiamo ancora visto un'alternativa senza fini di lucro sufficientemente finanziata.

Building, maintaining and hosting websites isn’t cheap nowadays, and can often cost more than business with physical print or buildings – so there are costs that need covering for the existence of an independent recensioni platform – and that is currently an area primarily serviced by for-profit businesses – as much as it is relied upon by both commercial businesses and non-commercial services – so until a publicly owned open-source alternative is available, funded by all commercial entities and tax-payers, we work with the best of the options available to us.

Chiedere recensioni

With your permission, we email you reminders after ordering to help-us-to-help-you with positive recensioni when you are happy with our customer service experience – or to contact us directly if there has been anything you would like to see improved – so there is a cost in their premium service to us for that email delivery and personal service in keeping recensioni clean and genuinely helpful – for which we declare our engagement and respect for your need for that independence too.

Recensioni affidabili

There are a few other platforms that offer “free” revisione services – however, they are all substantial commercial businesses, so they must have a revenue model for providing their “independent” platforms – which is typically in securing your attention for searching for things online or entertaining you – and then serving paid-for advertising alongside that information or entertainment.

So, we do monitor those recensioni platforms too and aim to respond to them also – but it might just take a little longer since we’re already offering an official primary independent revisione platform for verified customers, that is solely in the business of revisione management and publishing – and has no other apparent conflicting interests.

Piattaforme di recensioni alternative

The additional recensioni platforms we spend time and money monitoring, because so many of you like using them for their good search and entertainment offerings, are:

Tuttavia, queste piattaforme attualmente non offrono sistemi di verifica dei clienti gratuiti che potremmo utilizzare senza estendere eccessivamente le nostre comunicazioni alla tua casella di posta chiedendo troppo del tuo tempo prezioso e rispettato nel collocare le tue intuizioni personali anche su quelle - quindi arrivano con un raccomandazione per la tua cautela discrezionale da leggere tra le righe - perché chi farebbe tutto lo sforzo di scrivere tutto questo se non ci fosse una buona ragione e dovessi bilanciare le informazioni che a volte possiamo trovare altrove?

Recensioni false

Sfortunatamente, un effetto collaterale dell'alto profilo dato al grafico a 5 stelle accanto ai risultati di ricerca per termini come "Swanson recensioniSwanson giudizi", "Swanson risposta” and other variations has created a significant financial incentive for an industry of so many revisione websites of variable ethical and service standards.

Servizi affidabili

Nel creare un marchio per i nostri prodotti e servizi - siamo impegnati a costruire la fiducia sia con i nostri clienti esistenti che con i potenziali nuovi clienti - quindi tutto ciò che influenza quella fiducia o la fiducia percepita influisce su di noi sia moralmente che finanziariamente - e quindi anche le risorse possiamo assicurarti di offrirti i grandi servizi che ti aspetti naturalmente dalla fiducia in noi con le tue abitudini e gli investimenti duramente guadagnati nel ricercarci nel tempo e nel mercato in cui lavoriamo.

Proteggere la nostra buona reputazione

We are personally and reputationally affected by highly visible recensioni websites ranking for search terms using our brand name, due to the perceived first-impression that these sites claim to help potential customers form in a very short period of time when looking mostly at just the first page of results for that search – they of course know this, and have a high incentive to rank highly for search terms including our brand name or website address and the word “recensioni" o "risposta” – but also an incentive to attract the attention of that brand name they are ranking for to then sell managed subscription services – regardless of whether they are a duplication of costs and communications.

Clienti verificati

When we see these recensioni sites ranking for our trusted Swanson brand name we contact them to ask them to either prove that all customer recensioni are genuine or remove our trademarked brand name from their website within our quite normal civil rights for both fair and balance reporting from all publishers – and a reasonable expectation that all publishers have a reliable mechanism for proving that every single revisione is a genuine customer and the resulting rating is unbiased regardless of a brand having a paid subscription or not.

Reputazione del marchio

Lo facciamo perché le leggi sulla diffamazione e la diffamazione sono lì per proteggere le persone e i marchi da danni alla reputazione che possono derivare da una pubblicazione di informazioni non provata o errata - e per essere onesti con i clienti che fanno affidamento sia sul nostro marchio - sia sulla sicurezza che danno quelli a cui teniamo veramente sia il nostro nome che il loro ansia-free customer services experience without unnecessary or unfounded concern – there are enough genuine worries in the world without people also then making a business out of creating new ones by misappropriating the laws of free-speech for publishing unquantifiable revisione ratings.

Distorsione da recensione

Fake recensioni can also feed a very normal human instinct for confirmation bias, and unnecessarily inflame anyone seeking confirmation of their opinion, regardless of it’s statistical significance in comparison to the many thousands of positive recensioni we are very grateful for and hope that you see too.

There can be a financial incentive for less-honourable or illegitimate competitors to create or pay for negative recensioni – and without the requested information to prove that all customer recensioni are genuine – we have no way to either substantiate untrue recensioni or remedy legitimate ones that have been misguided to an unauthorised recensioni sito web.

Evita i siti Web di recensioni di truffe non attendibili

The most determined and least moral of the brand-reputation recensioni ransom protection-racket websites generally have well-crafted canned-responses written by their designers to deny take-down requests, and will make their inaction or proclamation of representing customer’s free-speech sufficiently unhelpful enough to hope to create a high incentive to try to secure less cost-conscious marketing managers and brands into also then paying for their services too – ultimately adding to the overall costs of bringing you great products and services.

È probabile che la maggior parte faccia affidamento sul costo generalmente maggiore di tempo e denaro per azioni legali, in particolare con le piccole imprese - quindi riteniamo che aiuti anche molte altre aziende e persone frustrate da questi siti Web a essere consapevoli della nostra esperienza, informazione e collettivamente creare un contrappeso di informazioni e azioni per rimediare a inutili distorsioni del mercato.

I peggiori là fuori, che non sappiamo nemmeno ancora se vogliamo nominare o collegarci, usare ancora più tattiche che alimentano la febbre cercheranno di classificare per termini come "evitare Swanson" o "Swanson scam” or similar negative searches – and will then conveniently pose as a concerned customer sending a link to your customer service asking you if they should be worried about these recensioni in the hope that the front-line staff will create enough noise about it to gather the attention and then payment from an unsuspecting marketing or public relations manager that might feel they are just doing their job. Hence this article exists to help explain this to everyone for the good of all of the very good majority of us and you.

Ci auguriamo che tu sia più intelligente di così - ma abbastanza aziende cadono per questa racchetta di riscatto reputazionale da continuare a ricevere una remunerazione sufficiente per continuare a funzionare - ed è qualcosa che ci aspettiamo che i motori di ricerca nel tempo declinino - ma finché non ci sarà c'è una carenza di persone che pagano per recuperare o gestire la propria reputazione che sono ancora là fuori.

Richieste di rimozione di rimozione recensioni non verificate

In the interests of our transparency and clear and public policy with regard to these unauthorised recensioni websites, the following ones have been contacted and refused to remove our brand names from their websites, a list which we will update from time-to-time as they either take our polite personal requests seriously or new ones arise:

Ottime recensioni dei clienti

Forse ora puoi vedere come tutto non è come sembra online, ma che facciamo sforzi straordinari per bilanciare questo con informazioni chiare e trasparenti e uno sforzo sincero per guadagnare e prenderci cura della tua fiducia per molti anni a venire.

With your help through positive recensioni, we will continue to have and carefully use the employment you offer us and resources that follow our efficiency to keep finding and doing the best for you.

Lasciare belle recensioni positive aiuta davvero

If you would like to help, please do leave us great recensioni anywhere you feel you can help us and other potential customers find out about us – with or without ordering if you just like the sito web e il nostro missione - esistiamo davvero solo per offrirti i prodotti e i servizi che desideri davvero - e per proteggerti con la nostra tecnologia, esperienza e Dichiarazione di missione per preservare il tuo tempo e offrirti un buon valore per la tua fiducia in noi.

In the interests of supporting good businesses with good values and ethics, we openly encourage you to re-publish this or a similar articles on your own website recensioni policy and experience, as a small way to balance the unchecked and unmanaged public information that can so easily be created but difficult to remove, and help explain to your customers what we are all working hard to manage among everything else we need to prioritise for the good service we offer every day.

Se c'è qualcosa che vuoi che miglioriamo - fatecelo sapere - e quando sei felice, per favore dì a tutti:

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